About the BASTIS Foundation 

We're Building an Educational Health Center for YOU!
This is our 21st year in operation as a nonprofit foundation in the area of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and we have counseled thousands of people through our retreats, workshops, seminars and privately. BASTIS is a double acronym for Build and Strengthen the Immune System and Bring All Souls Together in Spirit. T
he more people we reach the more we recognize the void, not only in our country, but internationally, where health-choice information is not reaching the masses without something to sell.  We’re here to help fill this void.

Where Are We Going With This?

In the heart of the Zuni mountains in western New Mexico we found a beautiful property, pristine with tall pines, backed up to dramatic red-rock cliffs.  Why would we choose to build something in a location so remote?  Because it’s in a remote location.  And yet it’s not.  Only about 150 miles outside of Albuquerque and 50 miles from Gallup, it is 30 miles from the Arizona border.  Still, we can shut out the chaos of the city hustle & bustle.  We don’t have to be exposed to the dangers of cell towers.  We can provide a safe haven for people who need respite – a place to ‘chill’ for a bit, relax and re-energize, take a class or two, get their hands in the dirt in the greenhouse where we’ll be growing organic produce, or just catch up on their rest.  A greenhouse, you say?  Yes, it is being built to raise organic produce to help feed the local community and to contribute to the organic food co-op in the local area.  This is a place for you to breathe, slow down, learn how to build and strengthen the immune system and how to work with laws of attraction to create improved health.

The Animals

But what about all the animals we love to help rescue?  That’s right, it is also a safe haven for the special-needs animals that are often found unadoptable and need a forever home to cater to their special needs.  Those that can be adopted out, we will help rehabilitate so they can be placed in loving homes.  We are already involved with several rescue groups in the area, and have, this year alone, distributed over 8,100 pounds of dog and cat foods to these groups and to individuals in need who are engaged in animal care.

About Dr. Bera

Bera Dordoni, N.D., a founding member of BASTIS Foundation and Director of the foundation’s Vitality Program, has more than a decade of experience in the CAM (Complementary/ Alternative Medicine) field as a naturopath, nutritional counselor, lecturer, organic gardener, and health-oriented vegetarian cook.

Dr. Bera (as she is affectionately called by her clients) graduated with

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Voice for a choice: 

Bera Dordoni sings the virtues of fresh veggies, water and taking charge of your health by Jan Jonas, Tribune Reporter  

honors from San Jose State University with a BA and Masters in Speech Pathology and Audiology as well as a Teaching Credential. She received her Doctor of Naturopathy from the School of Natural Healing, now the Clayton College of Natural Health, the "world’s leading college of natural health and holistic nutrition."

Dr. Bera conducts workshops at hospitals, wellness retreats, national health conventions and CAM-oriented expos. She also counsels patients suffering from AIDS, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, allergies, obesity and other disabling and life-threatening illnesses. Many clients who were given no hope of recovery from their medical doctors have recaptured their quality of life by practicing the three easy steps of her Vitality Program.

Dr. Dordoni is the author of the CAM-educational book I Have a Choice?!, a trade paperback that has won praise from both CAM and allopathic physicians for its even-handed introduction to the benefits of alternative and complementary medicine.

Known affectionately as the "Singing Doctor," she is also the songwriter/singer of two CAM-oriented music CDs, I Have a Choice! and Voice for a Choice, which was honored with eight nominations for the recording industry's highest award.

Dr. Dordoni donates all music CD and book proceeds to BASTIS Foundation. 

How Will This Center Benefit You?

There appears to be a void in our society that we have been asked to fill.  Millions of Americans (and non-Americans) no longer have health insurance and feel backed up against a wall when it comes to health-care choices.  BASTIS Foundation is an educational health-research foundation that provides and disseminates information to anyone looking for choices other than what may be offered by conventional modern medicine (drugs and surgery, mostly).  Adolescent obesity is over the top and life-threatening ailments resulting therefrom are growing, including and especially juvenile diabetes.  We work on educating children and their parents about the dangers of processed foods and how the use of live foods can change this course of health demise.  We comprise naturopathic doctors, holistic veterinarians, CAM-oriented medical doctors, and other specialists who are willing to come share their wealth of knowledge with the Foundation and its guests. 

What are we building?

A multi-use center which will address certain needs (voids) in society.  (a) Not only an educational center for the local community, but also a center where retreats of any nature can be held.  (b) The center will be available to speakers who might have a need for a place in NM to hold their own preplanned private retreats or workshops in a remote location.   (c) An animal sanctuary for special-needs animals, either rescued, abandoned or rehabilitating.  (d) A greenhouse raising organic produce to help feed the local community and be part of the local food co-op.

Where is our new building project located?  On a 5.65-acre ranch property in Timberlake Ranch, Ramah, New Mexico in the heart of the Zuni mountains in western New Mexico.  Elevation is around 7,500 ft. and weather is mild and beautiful, but cold enough in winter for the occasional snow to dust the area in white magic. 

How do we serve the public?

We educate.  Our primary focus is on centering and balancing a person’s mind, body and spirit.  Our goal is to help bring a person into alignment with the good in their lives by teaching them how to work with the scientific laws of attraction in all areas of one’s life.  This education includes working with animals and their health.

Too many people are dying unnecessarily today. It is not necessarily because they have no insurance.  When they develop an illness they feel backed up against a wall if they have no knowledge of how to deal with this illness and so they either ignore it, simply masking it with pain medications until the condition is too advanced to be treated, or they seek help from conventional sources that might not be the best possible treatment course.

After 21 years of working with people with severely compromised immune systems, we have learned that we achieve the most success when we institute classes and personalized programs in a home atmosphere, rather than in a clinical atmosphere, and the protocols used transfer more easily into their homes after they leave our premises.  That is much of the reason we are building this center around a physical home.  In general, most people respond more positively to learning in our home environment where they feel they have more hope of recovery, than when they are in a cold, sterile clinic, feeling terrified and insecure.

Purpose the center will fulfill?  As a CAM-oriented foundation, we bring to society a place to learn about natural, non-invasive methods used in the treatment of conditions that are often thought of as untreatable without invasive medical intervention.  Classes are given in the use of foods as medicine, and how these foods can help eliminate or at the very least minimize conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart dis-ease, digestive disorders, cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic-fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions and more.  Choices through education provide empowerment.  You have a health problem?  We will do our best to provide you with a solution.

For over 20 years now we have been called upon to treat and educate people who have been given up on by their medical doctors.  We have seen tremendous success with those who follow through on their personally prescribed programs designed by Dr. Bera Dordoni.  Training is required for families of these patients and it is all protocol they can practice in their own homes after learning the basics at our retreat center.  Each program is personalized per the client.

Specific-needs health retreats (cardiac groups, weight-reduction groups for both adolescents and adults , cancer groups, etc.) provide specific education aimed at the treatment modalities that work best with these types of cases, and include education for those interested in learning how to work the ‘impossibles’ program so they can follow through at home.  Those who follow through at home maintain a relationship with our staff so we can be available to them for consultation as they work their programs.

Preventive-maintenance retreats and general health retreats (non-emergency) provide enlightenment and education for those who want to know their health choices in advance – to reinforce themselves with knowledge so they know how to integrate alternative choices with conventional medical offerings.  This type of education has proven to reduce the incidence of major illness in families such as cancer, and other debilitating disorders, by the use of proper nutrition and the types of foods that can help heal a body from a certain condition.  It is also necessary for families who have no health insurance so they can learn how to take care of their basic health without often seeing a medical doctor, and to maintain their health, not necessitating their visiting doctors unnecessarily. 

Personal programs make heavy use of the proprietary herbal formulations created by our formulator (Dr. Bera Dordoni).  These formulas are now being used in clinics here in the U.S.

Does your domesticated animal have a health problem that has not been treatable by your conventional vet?  Our very knowledgeable staff or one of our holistic vets might be able to provide answers that will bring your animal relief.  In light of the hundreds of thousands of animals who suffered and died due to consumption of tainted commercial pet foods in recent years, we’re providing education about the ‘nature of the animal’ and how the proper foods can bring vibrant health back to an ailing animal.

The center will provide jobs for the local community – working with people, animals and administrative.  The greenhouse will provide produce for locals who have no access to good nutrition locally. 

Classes in ‘going green’ by eating organics vs. synthetics and how it impacts health and the environment will be taught, in an effort to help us all leave less of a carbon footprint on our planet.

What do we intend to accomplish? 

Our goal is to provide a place for those who cannot afford to pay for educational health services, and who have been turned down by other institutions.  In European countries socialized medicine takes care of a lot of the public’s needs, where in the U.S. it is easy to be turned away due to lack of funds.

It is our desire to see people learn how to prevent illness, rather than necessarily have to treat it.  Through retreats, workshops, seminars and other educational classes we will teach preventive maintenance to those in good health and to those who need to learn how to bring back their health in non-invasive manners, we will provide a sanctuary while they recuperate.  This will be provided on a sliding scale for those who cannot pay for full services.  Our center will continue to take on some cases that are considered ‘untreatable’ by modern medicine.

Knowing your choices and how to approach a condition after obtaining knowledge for your condition can help you to relax and trust your instincts as to how to help heal yourself.

Our Philosophy:  KNOWLEDGE is your best friend.  It will help you stay healthy and allow you to make educated health-care choices.

Our Mission:  To offer an EMPOWERING FOUNDATION OF KNOWLEDGE so you can take responsibility for your own health choices.

Our Commitment to You:  To PROVIDE YOU with CHOICES!

Many western-medicine (allopathic) doctors are unaware and unschooled in the natural therapeutic (holistic) approach to healing and combating debilitating diseases.  We believe invasive procedures, such as drugs and surgery, should be the last, not the first recourse—and certainly not the only one!  To protect and save the quality of your health and your life, you must KNOW YOUR CHOICES!