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Bera Dordoni . Voice For a Choice

You would be hard-pressed to find a doctor who sings professionally, or a vocalist who sings about health and compassion for the animals - unless you have been following the career of Dr. Bera Dordoni. Affectionately known as the "singing doctor" by clients and audiences nationwide, Dr. Bera sings about health for the whole person: body, mind and soul, and has captured her message in a new music CDs,
I Have a Choice! and Voice for a Choice!

Truly a multifaceted woman, Dr. Bera is a professional singer, naturopathic doctor, health novelist, sought-after lyricist, master gardener, health chef and passionate animal advocate.

Her new CDs merge all her personal and musical versatility into a range of tunes, from ballads to jazz and gospel to Broadway and blues - a veritable feast of vitality and passion that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

In May 2003, she was voted "Bad Girl O' the Month" by Bad Girls Press, a website celebrating "intelligent, creative, and wise women." You can read her insightful interview there.

Proceeds support BASTIS Foundation,
a non-profit, CAM-oriented,

health-educational research foundation for
people and animals.

Positive inspirational music with a jazz flair - exciting, yet soothing, and vocally enchanting.

Genre: Easy Listening: Musicals/Broadway

Bera's music and voice on this CD inspire and rejuvenate the soul of the lucky listeners who fall under her spell. A CD of powerful lyrics, beautiful music and great grooves for all.

Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Gospel


Voice for a Choice! & I have a Choice!

Dr. Bera wrote a theme song for a web program called Animal Talk Naturally at

You can sample the song and download the mp3 at this link:

Proceeds go to help rescue, nurture and feed animals naturally.