What clients are saying about author/researcher Bera Dordoni, N.D. and I Have a Choice?! ...

“Bera is a lifesaver and was one of the most important guides on my path to eradicating my multiple sclerosis!” ... Claudia Suzanne, Jun 27, 2011.

"When I think back to to just a few weeks ago, it seems as if a lifetime of change has occurred. Where did you get your wings? I would love to have some, but instead I take the encouragement you always give me and share with others so they too may feel as wonderful as I do. How is it that it was so easy for my pain to disappear? My body is now allowing me to work two jobs, sleeping on a few hours a night to wake up fresh for another blessed day. Your gift of health has inspired me and so many others I know to seek a 'better way.' Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you came to me just in time. By the way, I keep I Have a Choice?! with me all the time. It's like a bible to me for reference purposes and for sharing with friends who need it." ... B. Hauser

"I've tried for so many years to lose weight. My last doctor told me to 'join the club' when I told her I found it impossible to lose weight. I was heartbroken after that. Then I found I Have a Choice?! and in seven days, I've lost eight pounds without even trying. I love your logic. I'm sticking to the plan for good. Thank you." ... B. Koeb

"I've suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for over 30 years. When I called you, and you told me there was hope for me, I thought you were crazy. Why don't more doctors tell us what you told me in I Have a Choice?! It is only three months since we first spoke, but I must tell you all my painful stomach symptoms are completely gone. I am so grateful to you for your help and for your book I Have a Choice?! God bless you!" ... R. Elemen

What the Media are saying about author/researcher Bera Dordoni, N.D. and I Have a Choice?!

"Although we have made advances in allopathic medicine, unless mankind learns some of the basics taught in Dr. bera Dordoni's I Have a Choice?!, we will advance no further in the health of our immune systems. I Have a Choice?! is an important bridge between holistic-healing therapies and principles and conventional Western medicine practiced today, and is easy for all readers to understand in this cleverly presented novel. This is a delightful and informative  introduction to building and strengthening the immune system for anyone who wishes to live in a state of wellness." ... Edward A. Taub, M.D., F.A.A.P., Author, The Wellness Rx

"From Judaism to macrobiotics to Pritikin - which plan will fit into your life? Bera Dordoni's well-written book points out the importance of each person taking responsibility for his or her life plan; getting all the facts available; and making an intelligent choice. Enjoyed Bera's easy style and message." ... "Dr. George" R. Rischbeck, CBS News, Los Angeles, CA

"I enjoyed reading I Have a Choice?! very much. I found it very educational reading." ... Dr. Gary Null, author, researcher, producer, Gary Null's Radio Talk Show

"I Have a CHoice?! is an excellent companion to my book, Left for Dead. Easy to read, well written, I Have a Choice?! is my choice for nutritional facts and the immune-building information needed to achieve long-lasting health and wellness." ... Dick Quinn, T.V. & radio speaker & Author of "Left for Dead," San Clemente, CA

"In I Have a Choice?!, you have done exactly what an excellent author of a medical-related book should do: combined researched information with your own independent experiences. As a former NCAA Division 1 basketball player, I feel this is a book everyone should read. I Have a Choice?! is a simple, easy-to-read, yet powerful guide. It is important information people rarely receive from the media or from their personal doctors. As I continue my speaking tour around the country, I am going to recommend I Have a Choice?! to everyone." ... James R. Malinchak, Professional Speaker & Author of "From College to the Real World"

"I have tried almost every antibiotic and other medicine in existence. Nothing has worked better than the combination of healing ideas in I Have a Choice?! I am a singer/entertainer, and wherever we are in the world, I cannot afford to be sick. Your book (and your lung formula that I've been using for years now) has kept me and the rest of the Modernaires well every time. It's a miracle! Thank you. ... Paul Kelly Jr., "The Modernaires"

"I love your book I Have a Choice?! It is a wonderful introduction to whole-body healing for those individuals who are discovering they have a choice, and it is also a very good reinforcement (with a few new tips and ideas) for those of us who are already believers. I did not really expect to be captivated by one more health-related book. However, I was in for a surprise. Your main characters make for easy reading. I Have a Choice?! is an intelligent choice for those willing to be lured away from the herd mentality and who want to increase their feel-good time." ... Terry Thompson, Editor-inCHief, "The Community Crime Fighter"

"Even some medical doctors are starting to agree with your way of thinking in I Have a Choice?! I had a doctor on the show from Stanford University who said she agreed with your premise, and that she would seek non-invasive medical procedures before allowing herself to be invaded by a knife. It's nice to know we do have choices. We appreciated having you on the 'live-line' at KPAY Radio, sharing your valuable information with our listeners. I'm sure they'll enjoy reading I Have a Choice?! as much as I did." ... Bruce Session, Talk-Show Host, KPAY Radio

What readers are saying about author/researcher Bera Dordoni, N.D. and I Have A Choice?!

"I read your book and with some simple changes that I really didn't mind making, I feel 100% better. My husband appreciate the 30-pound loss. It wasn't even hard! Thank you." ... Jainie M., Cost Mesa, CA

"When I lived in California, I was where Tom was. He was fortunate to have guidance from a teacher who offered him health choices. I was told what I had to do by medical personnel and had to go along with their program or be rejected from their facility. Surgery was my only choice. After that, I will make all my own choices from her on out. I am nobody's victim. I am a stronger man today for what you taught me in I Have a Choice?!" ... Colin P., London, England

"How logical I Have a Choice?! is. My girlfriend said she was giving me the gift of health when she gave me your book. And now I'm giving it to relatives and friends for Christmas. I know they'll enjoy it and the important messages it sends as much as I did!" ... A. Moreno, Albuquerque, NM

"If you come to Ontario, I'd like to shake your hand. My husband never listened to me before he read your book. Even though I told him a lot of the same common sense things you talk about in I Have a CHoice?!, he didn't hear me. The recent changes he's made make me want to hug you. Bless you." ... Candace P., Ontario, Canada

"I always avoided health books because I couldn't understand what they said. I Have a Choice?! was so easy that I'm following your program. I have more energy than I can remember, and I got rid of a constant, very irritating itch that I've had for years. I finally sleep well at night. My daughter needs this book.!" ... Pricilla H., Brooklyn, NY

What Meeting Planners are saying about author/researcher Bera Dordoni, N.D. and I Have A Choice?!

"Our seniors extend their special thanks for sharing your humor and extensive training and experience in a natural approach to healing. you provided some with new answers while you might have noticed others are cemented to their medical path - but that's OK, for now they know they have a choice." ... Laurie Gray Smith, Executive Director, Costa Mesa Senior Center

"Your lecture on building and strengthening the immune system for our Let's Talk Health! series was most informative and helpful. The participation of the audience indicated their receptivity to your program. I am sure you prevented future problems for many of us and gained lots of new believers in prevention. I speak for the entire Board of Directors in saying a sincere thank you for such delightfully presented lecture. Your sense of humor made difficult subject matter much easier to digest." ... Suzan Walter, President, American Holistic Health Association

"On behalf of the Exchange Club of Newport Harbor, I want to thank you for your wonderfully enlightening presentation on the non-invasive, painless ways to go about building and strengthening the immune system, as featured in your fascinating book, I Have a Choice?! I must say, I have never seen my fellow Exchangites quite so spellbound, particularly during the demonstration!" ... A. Edison Jackson, Jr., Vice-President/Program Chairman, Exchange Club of Newport Harbor

"Never in my wildest imagination would I have believed that you would have kept the entire room in their seats for an hour and a half when you spoke to our Newport Beach Real Estate Forum Monda morning. You realize, I hope, that you held our members captivated. I really had no idea they would be so open minded and eager to lap up your information. We'd be honored if you would speak again to the group in the future." ... Lee Mohler, Planning Director, Newsport Beach Real Estate Forum

What Corporations and Other Organizations are saying about author/researcher Bera Dordoni, N.D.
and I Have a Choice?!

"I Have a Choice?! is very enjoyable reading. Both my wife and I have found it filled with valuable information. Many thanks for putting out a book that's so easy to read, and yet so informative." ... J. Ramirez, PIlot, 2nd Air Division, 8th Air Force

"I appreciated reading your fine book, I Have a CHoice?! It is well written, has a remarkable style, and your use of case studies is by far the most effective way to teach principles. You remind me of Norman Cousins. My wife enjoyed reading it, too, and found it very informative." ... Ross F. Hidy, President, Lutheran History Center of the West

"Your lecture was so informative and entertaining, just like your book, I Have a Choice?! After you left, I heard employees buzzing about the lecture all afternoon, and how much they enjoyed it. They commented on how much they learned and how energized you made them feel. We'd love to have you back again soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our employees. I'm sure if they follow your principles, we will experience less employee absenteeism around here." ... Nancy Pollard, Senior Vice-President, Victoria Mortgage

Just Some of the Radio Stations Where Dr. Bera Dordoni Has Appeared as a Talk Show Guest

KOAI AM, 1200
KYPA AM, 1230
KSL AM, 1160
KPFK FM, 90.7
KCOL AM, 1410
WFOY AM, 1240
KEYQ AM, 980
KHEP AM, 1280
WDLR AM, 1550
KRTH AM, 930
WOOD AM, 1300
WIMS AM, 1420
KLAC AM, 570
KSCV AM, 980

Carl Wigglesworth, San Antonio, TX
-  Jessie & Dave, Los Angeles, CA
-  Grant Nielson, Salt Lake City, UT
-  Gary Null Talk Show, New York, NY & L.A., CA
-  Greg Lanning, Colorado Springs, CO
-  P.J.Clark, FOrt Collins, CO
-  Col. Bob Scott, St. Augustine, FL
-  A.J. Fox, Fresno, CA
-  Bea Hoeksema, Phoenix, AZ
-  Stuart Sisk, Delaware, OH
-  Vivian Porter, Los Angeles, CA
-  Gordon Gould, Grand Rapids, MI
-  Todd Allen, Michigan City, IN
-  Renee Thomas, Glendale, CA
-  Brian Hart, Richfield, UT

Just Some of the Organizations Recommending I Have a Choice?!

American Holistic Health Association
Southern California Book Festival
AIDS Services Foundation
Orange County (CA) Department of Health
National Health Federation
International Paper Company 

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