" ... a well-written book. I enjoyed reading it and I know others will, too ... Remember, you have a choice for your own health and life." Dr. George R. Fishbeck ("Dr. George")

AIDS - Cancer - Heart Disease

Few Americans can claim their lives have not been affected by one of these. For more and more people, traditional medical responses are just not enough. Too Many People Are Still Dying

I HAVE A CHOICE?! tells readers how to stay alive

Tom DoRight faces the ultimate health-system horror; surgery or death. He just wants to feel better -- right now! Trouble is, Tom has a paralyzing fear of knives. Just when it seems his worst nightmare is about to come true, a friend offers him something else: whole-body healing. Guided by Dr. Feelgood, Tom learns he has options--that there's not just one medical path to follow. He finds out how and why he can increase his chances of full recovery by interlacing alternative healing techniques with today's high-tech AMA medicine, and, even more important, how and why he can heal without any risk-laden treatments.

I HAVE A CHOICE?! explains:

  • How we create disease-friendly environments in our bodies -- and how we can destroy them
  • What effect exercise really has on illness - even osteoporosis!
  • Simple facts about the hodge-podge world of diet
  • What proper food combining means and how it helps kill cancer
  • The secrets of cellular oxygenation
  • Antioxidants and free-radical scavenging made easy
  • How to "tune-up" the organic energy machine known as the human body
  • Using vitamins and herbs
  • The remarkable healing powers of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juicing
  • How homeopathy really works -- and why it sometimes doesn't

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I Have A Choice?!
by Dr. Bera

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Paperback: 195 pages of stories to inspire and educate you about your natural health choices plus keys to a healthy life. Dr. Bera has compiled her best information to help you take back your body and create vibrant health for yourself. Shipping included. $12.95 plus $6.95 priority mail

Bera Dordoni is a naturopathic doctor and a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). She works with people suffering from AIDS, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, allergies, and other disabling and life-threatening illnesses, and disabled, blind, aging, or injured animals. Her referral system includes medical doctors, homeopaths, chiropractors, and energy specialists. She wrote I HAVE A CHOICE?! in response to the tremendous requests for information from attendees of her seminar, "Building and Strengthening the Immune System." 

ISBN 0-9645609-6-8
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