• Do an immune tune.

  • A realistic approach.

  • Step one: detox

  • Step two: breathe

What can I do right now?

Do An Immune Tune 

If you're reading these words, you are probably the owner of a human body. What's more, it probably didn't come with an owner's manual that would detail how it works and how to maintain it in prime condition, and offer a troubleshooting page full of "frequently asked questions."

So why do some bodies last a long time in relatively good working order while others don't? What are those body owners doing that the broken-down-body owners aren't?

Even more important: what can you do to tune up your body so it will run better, last longer, and not keep ending up in the shop?

A Realistic Approach

Disease, infections, chronic conditions, even that “run-down feeling” are all caused by toxic overload. Before a body can heal, it has to be cleansed from the inside out!

What makes a body “dirty?” The usual stuff: sugar, smoking, “bad” fats (please see “Coconut Oil”), processed, chemical-ridden, dead foods … all the stuff that makes up the typical American diet –– all the “great tastes!” we see advertised on TV and billboards.

Well, those “great tastes” may, indeed, taste great, but they also create a toxic, disease-friendly environment in your body. You have to get rid of all that junk before you can get rid of whatever problem is bothering you. After you jump in a mud puddle you have to clean up, right? You take a bath, shampoo your hair, scrub your nails, and wash your clothes.

Well, after you’ve muddied up your body’s inner workings –– its circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary systems –– you have to clean them up, too.

It may sound like an awful lot of work, but if you think about it, it makes as much sense as draining out the old, sludgy oil from your car before adding new, clean engine fluid. 

Every body needs an occasional tune up. Time to do an immune tune!

Step One: Detox

The first body area to develop illness is usually the colon. The lining fills up with sludge, slows down nutrient absorption, and worst of all, prevents good oxygen exchange. Therefore, when you're ready to start on the road to good health, the best way to begin is with a Colon Cleanse.

Or, as we all said at the end of the twentieth century, "Out with the old, in with the new!"

Step Two: Breathe

That’s right: you can learn to breathe your way to good health –– and, yes, it is as simple as that.

We've all got to breathe all day long to survive anyway, so why not breathe your way to vibrant health? The key is learning how to do it right, to obtain the maximum benefits for your body. It’s not as hard as you might think.

The real key to good health –– the easiest way to achieve weight loss and vitality, and decrease pain and illness –– is to increase your body's oxygen levels and decrease its carbon-dioxide levels as much as possible.

What does oxygen do besides let you live?

 Helps cells metabolize nutrients for energy, maintenance, repair, and healing

 Affects how the heart and arteries work, the diameter of blood vessels, blood pressure, and the heart’s work output

 Affects brain function and improves mental clarity

 Acts as a body cleanser –– eliminate wastes, debris, toxins, and all other body pollutants simply through proper exhaling

Carbon dioxide is the most abundant end-product of metabolism. The others are eliminated through urine, bowels, and sweat glands. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing exercises will stimulate your lymph system to clean itself out by creating a vacuum effect that pulls the lymph through the bloodstream at a much greater rate than normal shallow breathing.

 Where Can I Get More Information?

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 What Can I Do Right Now?

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