by Dr. Bera Dordoni

Yeast – It Does a Body Bad

Many people have systemic yeast infestations without even realizing it. Yeast infestation can cause tremendous and varied health problems, including nervous disorders, sleep problems, itching, rashes, immune-system malfunctions, poor concentration, and many others.

Yeast infestation is caused by antibiotics, which do just one thing: kill bacteria. Unfortunately, they kill the good, essential-to-life bacteria that live in the intestines along with the bad, illness-causing bacteria. Even if you do not take antibiotics from your doctor, you probably still ingest bacteria-killing substances in your water (chlorine) and the preservatives in packaged foods.

Good, essential-to-life bacteria perform four key functions:

1. They keep our intestinal walls clean

2. They aid in protein digestion and absorption

3. They manufacture B vitamins essential for nerve function, among other things

4. They create a healthy intestinal environment that keeps out bad bacteria, parasites, molds, and yeast (candida)

From Bad to Worse

When the good, essential-to-life intestinal bacteria are inhibited or wiped out by antibiotics, chlorine or preservatives, our intestine walls get impacted or clogged-up with putrefying, partially digested food.

Bad bacteria, molds, yeast (candida) and parasites take over the intestines. Yeast, in particular, then usually spreads beyond the digestive tract to the genital areas, and, if not handled immediately, becomes a systemic yeast infestation.

Living parasitically on the sugar in our blood, yeast can invade every cell of the body. It not only lives in our blood, it especially thrives in the liver and the brain. Yeast is very difficult to get rid of.

Yeast’s waste product is alcohol, which poisons the body and can lead to chronic fatigue and many other problems. In fact, a lack of good, essential-to-life bacteria results in the body being simultaneously starved and poisoned, which leaves it open to malnutrition (even in someone who is overweight!) and  protein and B vitamin deficient.

A yeast-friendly intestinal environment can lead to numerous other chronic or serious physical and mental symptoms that can damage and eventually destroy a person’s health –– and cost him his life.

The most effective step you can take to rid your body of bad bacteria, mold, parasites and yeast is to do a thorough cleanse. It’s hard work, but well worth the effort. 

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