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Our Animal Companions

Healthy Pets

Animals can’t speak for themselves -- at least not so most of us can understand them -- so we must protect and defend them.  Be a voice for them.  Here’s how you can help:

Adopt from Your Local Pound or Shelter

Not many of us enjoy walking into the pound or a shelter knowing numerous healthy animals are euthanized there daily, but we cannot ignore this horrifying fact.  What we can do is adopt one or more of these precious animals and give them a loving home.  Locally, Dr. Bera supports the Alliance for Albuquerque Animals, which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of city shelter animals and improving their chances for adoption.  To help them, call (505) 350-7357.

Support the Efforts of No-Kill Animal Sanctuaries

Unlike “the pound,” no-kill animal sanctuaries give unwanted pets a loving home until they are adopted. You can support no-kill sanctuaries by donating:

  •  dog & cat food
  • dog & cat treats
  • dog & cat dishes
  • kitty litter
  • leads
  • collars

  • dog & cat carriers
  • kennels
  • dog & cat beds
  • dog & cat toys
  • towels
  • blankets 

  • paper towels
  • toiletries
  • grooming equipment
  • cargo van or minivan
  • cash donations 

Kindred Spirits, an animal sanctuary featuring elder care and hospice, is one of Dr. Bera's favorite places to donate materials.  To help them, contact Ulla Peterson at (505) 471-5366 or email for their most current needs.  

Alliance for Albuquerque Animals is working to make shelter lives better and to see unnecessary euthanasia disappear entirely.  This wonderful organization needs donations to accomplish this goal.  They can tell you more of what they need if you contact them at (505) 350-7357 or visit

Recently, Dr. Bera wrote and recorded the theme song for Watermelon Mountain Ranch, another no-kill animal sanctuary in New Mexico, and their fundraising DVD (  Click to listen to “All Who Enter Here Will Find Love.” This song is available on Voice for a Choice!, Dr. Bera's musical appeal for animal rescue and kindness to animals. 

Sterilize Your Dog and Cat!

More than 10 million animals are euthanized each year simply because shelters do not have the resources to find homes for them! The greatest gift you can give any animal is to spay or neuter it. Besides lowering the feral population, the procedure nearly eliminates breast cancer and prevents uterine and testicular cancer and uterine infections. Spayed or neutered pets live longer, happier, healthier lives!  Just make sure you wait until your animal is at least six months old, so you can avoid the health conditions that often accompany spaying or neutering too early in the animal's life.

Love Special-Needs Animals

Did you know that blind and handicapped animals make wonderful companions? Like their human counterparts, they are often more sensitive than able-bodied pets -- and just as smart.  Dr. Bera, who has helped many disabled animals heal themselves through BASTIS Foundation, chooses to adopt only handicapped animals. Her favorite success stories include Chelsea, who had cancer of the spleen; Riley, who suffered with a severe skin condition; Kushi, who was blind and had epileptic seizures; Shania, a puppy-mill bichon who had severe bladder stones after living in a cage for 8 years and giving birth to 21 litters; Hercules, a puppy who was crushed by his breeder at 5 weeks of age and left to die; Chachi, blind and diabetic, whose insulin levels have been decreased due to a good diet; and Wylie, who has no kneecaps or hip joints, yet through Dr. Bera’s bodywork therapy can now jump up on the couch!  

Put some time into special-needs pets — the rewards are tremendous!

Feed Pets Real Food!

To thrive, live creatures need real food, not “processed foodstuff” from boxes, cans and bags. Animals are organic beings, just like people; they need organic, real food, just like people do! Dr. Bera recommends the BARF diet for dogs: bones and raw food — raw, uncooked bones to keep their teeth strong, raw vegetables ground finely in a food processor, and raw meats, including organ meats, that they would eat in nature. She also recommends supplemental organic fish oils, concentrated greens for extra chlorophyll, carrots for beta carotene, and watermelon and other high-water-content fruits to help the animals avoid dehydration during summer.  

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